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Originally Legacy Studios was a result of a merger by Simon Andrews of Right Track Studios and Sound on Sound’s Dave Amlen. It was born out of desperation to keep two world class facilities alive and vibrant. It was later sold to Dave Amlen who re-named it MSR (Manhattan Recording Studios) and is currently the largest commercial recording space in Manhattan.

In New York City, these truths have spelled the end for some classic rooms (R.I.P. Hit Factory), but they have also led to original approaches in the fight for survival. In the case of two of Manhattan’s other big rooms, Right Track and Sound on Sound, the move was highly unusual: a merger. First put into effect a little more than a year ago, in November 2005, the story of their quick transformation from fierce competitors to blood brothers now known as Legacy Recording Studios (http://www.legacyrecordingstudios.com) offers a revealing look into the evolving world of large studios in New York and worldwide.

Spearheaded by former Sound on Sound president Dave Amlen and former Right Track president Simon Andrews, the idea behind the merger germinated in 2004. Earnings were way off pace at the 11,000-square-foot Sound on Sound space on West 45th Street, and Right Track, headquartered in Times Square on 48th Street, was still reeling from a multimillion-dollar cost overrun incurred in constructing its masterful, 4,600-square-foot Studio A509 on West 38th Street.

With the agreement for the merger reached and scheduled to commence on November 1, 2005, Amlen, Andrews and their management teams next had to implement a plan that would make the most of both facilities’ personnel, real estate and gear. The retention of Right Track’s Studio A509 and adjacent space was an obvious decision, and there was a more stable tenant/landlord relationship at Right Track’s 48th Street location, making it logical that Sound on Sound would be the studio surrendering its beloved rooms and moving to new quarters.

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168 W 48th St Fl 3, New York, NY 10036 509 W 38th St between Tenth and Eleventh Aves

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