Great Recording Spaces!

Welcome to the internet directory of some of the great world class recording studios that have made significant contributions to the world of sound. Some may even consider them, well…historical!

This database has been comprised to archive their history, portfolio, photographs, and whatever else to help keep their spirit alive. It is also meant as a repository for those who may not have been able to work, play, or visit any of these historical spaces while they were operational. You may also find a few studios that, although may not have the same name, are still in operation today.  Please check back often as this database is maintained by one person and will take time to get compile the many studios that have closed over the last 15 years.

Also, we will include some still operational studios that have been significant contributors in the entertainment industry. However, you may find more information directly at their websites, which we will provide links to.

We hope that you enjoy your time here and please contact us if you find any information inaccurate.

Thank you and enjoy!

Significant contributors to the recording world